History of the VCCGD

Veteran Car Club Grand-Ducal was founded in 1984 by the late Carlo Thill, together with some friends, in order to preserve and enjoy cars constructed before 1930. At this time, already the scene became younger and younger, and so owners and drivers of really "old" cars could no longer enjoy driving their cars at rallies beside the so called "youngtimers." 

So the idea of the founders of the club was simply to promote the "pre-war car" hobby. Rallies should be organized so that owners and drivers were not under stress to run permanently behind younger and more powerful and comfortable cars. But before Mr. Thill could realize his view, he unfortunately passed away and the club fell asleep. 

Towards the end of the year 1996, some nostalgic people, owners and drivers of pre-war cars, took the club over, and the permanent newcomers on the club scene saw that it was really necessary to bring together all these people. Many people from Luxembourg and foreign guests as well no longer came to rallies in Luxembourg because of too many young cars. 

Now, to become a member in the Veteran Car Club Grand-Ducal, one needs to have at least one car from before 1940! The committee may decide to adopt members if they own a particularly interesting of cars from the pre-1940. 

The club organizes every year, on the last weekend in August, the Rally of the end of the summer holidays. If you want to be with us one day, watch this site.

Heisdorf (Luxembourg) June 1970 
Carlo Thill (right, with sunglasses) during the 1st international rally for veteran cars